1. Continue work with the Ngobe using agriculture projects to accomplish spiritual purposes.

- Helping the Ngobe fight the extreme malnutrition in their population.

- Building up the church through teaching the Ngobe Biblical principles of tithes and offerings.

- Use agriculture projects to spread the Gospel.

- In this way we can work as Jesus did with those that are not yet Christian demonstrating God's love by helping those in need as we preach the Gospel to them; a gospel of word and deed.


Our prayer is that God will use this farm to impact people on an international level. For a few Ngobe families in remote areas of Western Panama to come to know the Lord and be better equipped to fight malnutrition that is so rampant in their lives would be a goal worth working a lifetime for, but the potential to change lives across the world through equipping missionaries and Bible college students is a goal almost too staggering to imagine.

Our Goal and Vision:

GLORIFY GOD! The demonstration farm seeks to accomplish this both at a local and international level. 

International Objectives

Local Objectives

1. Train Christian mission workers (from the United States or foreign nationals) that work in impoverished areas to help them further their ministries using Christian community development.

- From this farm we would be able to effectively train workers for agriculture and Christian community development ministry from all corners of the globe. Even before beginning construction of the farm, ministries from Latin America, Africa, and Asia have expressed interest in sending staff to the Lasting Harvest to be trained.

 2. Train students from Bible colleges and universities in the basics of Christian community development, the Biblical basis for Christian community development, the theory and tools needed to implement development projects, as well as, the production techniques necessary to know where to begin once they arrive in whatever mission God places them.

- The Lasting Harvest demonstration farm will provide them with practical hands on experience in a cross cultural setting, which cannot be taught in a traditional college or university environment. Three Bible colleges/universities have already expressed interest in sending their students to Lasting Harvest for this training program (and one has signed a memorandum of understanding with LHI.)